Working to leverage relationships and diverse expertise, the CoC committees advance the community goal of preventing and ending homelessness throughout the region.

Planning Committee - defines strategic goals and objectives including effective policies, practices, and service delivery strategies. (Chair Chaunceia Mayfield )

Outreach Committee - plans and conducts the annual counts of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons in the region. (Chair Nicole Dickerson,

HMIS Committee - directs the activities of the HMIS Lead and oversees the development and adoption of policies governing the operation of the Saint Louis County HMIS. (Chair - open)

Ranking and Review Committee - evaluates applications for funding, monitors program operation and outcomes. (Chair, Cyndi Miller, 

Membership Committee - recruits and retains a diverse slate of individuals and organizations for CoC membership. (Chair Paula E.W. Carey-Moore,

Special Populations and Issues Committee - focuses on identifying and addressing needs of and issues affecting specific subpopulations of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. (Chair Perez Maxwell,

Veterans Leadership Committee - is tasked with creating and promoting a regional response to Veteran homelessness including development of a Veteran-specific front-door in the coordinated entry process. (Chair Bill Wallace,

Racial Equity Committee - is to promote racial equity within homeless services and ensure everyone, regardless of race, has equal access to housing, prevention services and the St. Louis Coordinated Entry System. (Chair Andrea Lewis,

Coordinated Entry Committee -  is to ensure that the Saint Louis County Coordinated Entry system operates to the best of its abilities and in accordance with CoC Policies and Procedures. (Chair Tom Crees,

Youth Action Board - is a youth-led informational and advisory group of area youth who are currently or formerly homeless.  The group provides feedback and guidance on relevant CoC procedures including administration and execution of the point-in-time count and development of a youth-specific front door for coordinated entry.